Bryony Darbon is a practitioner of shamanic womb arts and guide through the womb mysteries.

Bryony is an artist, yoga teacher, shamanic practitioner and facilitator, skilled in bridging worlds and turning the mundane to magic. Passionate about the revival of ancient feminine wisdom, she approaches her work with a sense of playfulness and curiosity – committed to the path of learning and discovery through creativity and inner inquiry.


Womb Mysteries: Online Course

Starts 31st May 2023

An in-depth programme designed to awaken the power of the pelvis as we delve into the mysteries of the Womb, Cervix and Root.

Through this experiential programme you are taken on a journey with sacred plants and symbols of the feminine – which act as keys to accessing deeper wisdom & understanding of oneself. 

Voice of the Womb Retreat: Wales

You are warmly invited to a rich week of sensual & embodied practice, nourishing intimacy with the body and community as we re-wild our sexuality and delve into the magic of the Womb, Sound and Pleasure Alchemy.

This in-depth immersion, is an opportunity to dip your toes into the inky waters of the feminine, whilst exploring soul & body enlivening practices exploring the Womb Mysteries, Flower Healing, Voice Activation, Sound Alchemy and Self Pleasure Healing Modality.


“Deep, clear, internally connective, magical. Bryony is like a powerful conductor of feminine energy and wisdom and a knowledgeable teacher of deep and almost forgotten feminine arts.”


“Bryony is incredibly connected to the group energy. Her unique facilitation guides and taps into deep contact with the wisdom and intelligence of the body. So comforting and resourcing.”



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