Dreaming to the fairy house…

Fairy House, Guatamala

This is a fairy house I built whilst I was living in San Marcos in Guatamala.
I found the structure in my friends backyard, then placed it under a grove of trees, taking offerings of flowers to it each and every day. Creating a little shrine for in time for Beltane, the Celtic Spring fertility festival.

I had quite an incredible experience building this little structure. I had a dream one night that I was living in a bamboo house, and that it was completely flooded, and flowers were falling from the sky. When I woke up in the morning, to take fresh flower offerings to the little fairy grove I was creating, I realised there had been heavy rains that night. When I reached the fairy house I noticed there had been some damage from the rain – and then it clicked – I had dreamt myself to the fairy house. The little bamboo house that was in my dream, that was being flooded by the rain, was this little shrine I was creating in my friends garden. I had developed such a relationship with this little spot, that I had created this thread which I traversed as I slept. Such a beautiful portal of experience.

Dreaming with the land is a magical experience, it is a journey which allows us to take a different perspective – realizing that we are part of the collective dreaming of the Earth. That creation is dreaming itself through us. I always feel this strongly when I look at a flower or a plant, I realise that in fact it is a spirit in the form of the flower, that the flower in its physical form is simply the chosen manifestation that this spirit has chosen to take. How incredible is that?

When we begin to view life in this way, as a manifestation of spirit, then we can allow the magic of life to flow in. To become the creatrix of our reality. This is the beauty of inner work and healing,  as when we are healed ourselves, we can begin to dream of a healed Earth, and she in turn dreams us. Creating balance and harmony in this symbiotic relationship, allowing for space of something new to come in.

This is part of my wish, to be part of this dream, to heal the Earth in co-creation with nature, in co-creation with Her. Through doing my own inner work, and embracing the teachings of old I begin to unravel these past threads that have kept me feeling like my part in this dream weaving isn’t significant.

Now I am seeing how our ancestors, through all the trials and persecution of the past have continued doing their shamanic work through dreaming. This has been their secret haven, where they can traverse unseen and continue to do the healing work that is needed to bring this state of balance, very much needed at this time.

Many of us are remembering, seeing, hearing this call of an ancient past through our dreams. This is a golden thread that shows us the unlimited potential within our reach.

As this journey continues to unfold Iw ish to explore this work with others. So stay tuned for sweet honey offerings and dream weavings.

Fairy house, Glastonbury

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