“Sessions like this are creating a ‘better’ world. ‘Better’ means beautiful, mystical, loving, compassionate, in this case, I’m not sure, verbal language is limited. Thank you everyone for the safe and meaningful journey. Infinite love.

Annamaria Nemes

Womb Mystery

The Womb Mysteriesthe recognition that the Womb holds the mystical blueprints of creation, the multi-dimensional feminine essence of power and Primordial Life Force.

Through devotion we can access the creative and transformative gifts of the Womb, reconnecting us to our true essence, rooted in consciousness of the Earth.

Womb Mysteries: London: 22/01

Welcome to The Womb Mysteries, a half day retreat held in a cosy location in North London.

This day has been gently designed for nourishing intimacy with the body and community as we re-wild our Womb – our seat if power delving into the magic of Shamanic Womb Arts

Over the day you will be guided through a plant spirit tea ceremony with the Rose, embodied movement, ritual and body connection practices – awakening your capacity to listen and receive the pulse of aliveness. 

Womb Mystery School: 3 Month Initiation

2nd February – 4th May 2023


A three month container to guide you to the ‘blossoming you’ – the essence and spirit that lies at the heart of your Womb. 

Through this experiential programme you are taken on a journey with sacred plants and symbols of the feminine – which act as keys to accessing deeper wisdom & understanding of oneself. 

Together with other women, we share our stories and begin to weave the magic of plant spirit healing, tea ceremonies, somatic and shamanic embodiment, ritual and delicious self-care modalities to live a more full & rich life, in touch with our Wombs – the source of our power.

Each module forms an initiation into the sacred arts of the feminine with a 3 hour live call, recorded meditations & video content, PDF document with Womb Mystery School teachingsritual and embodiment practices, Womb medicine making all held in an intimate container of women, forming a supportive space as we learn, heal and grow together.



Womb Mysteries Retreat: Sussex

5th – 8th May 2023

Shamanism : Ecstatic Dance : Sacred Sexuality : Wild Nature : Womb Wisdom


Welcome to the Womb Mysteries Retreat, held in the magical Enchanted Glade in Sussex.

You are warmly invited to a rich weekend of shamanic & embodied practice, nourishing intimacy with the body and community as we re-wild eros and delve into the magic of the Womb and pleasure alchemy.

Womb Mysteries Retreat: Cae Mabon

30th August – 4th September 2023

A Pilgrimage to the Wild and Sacred Heart of your Womb

Have you been desiring to connect more deeply with your wild sensual self?

Do you wish to howl your deepest longings under the light of the Full Moon?

Are you feeling called to dance and dream in the sanctuary of other Women, in the untamed heart of Wales?

Womb Mysteries Retreat is a sacred offering to unleash the voice of your Womb, awakening to pleasure, creativity and your wildly authentic expression – free from the constraints of old patterns and stories that keep you from living the life you truly desire.

Over 6 days and 5 nights we will journey through the elemental gateways of the Womb, in a quest to return to your true, raw essence – the source of your creative power, sensual nature and wild pleasure.

This is a place where we will celebrate each other in our vulnerability and our courage, welcoming all layers of our expression as we awaken our Wombs and wild feminine power through rituals in ecstatic movement, vocal activation, self pleasure and creativity under the light of the Full Moon.

Want to discover out more?

Gentle, deep, guidance and a wonderful group feeling and connectivity. Highly recommend giving this a try if you want to connect with your inner femininity!”

Emel Gunay

“I absolutely loved Womb Alchemy – it was beautiful and so deep and powerful. Bryony holds a wonderful sacred space with her welcoming and wise energy. Amazing!

Candice Kali Snow

“A really beautiful session. The journey at the end in particular was so incredibly trans-formative and activating! Thank you Bryony.”


“Absolutely amazing. Bryony is such an incredible teacher – so humble, gentle, and goes at the perfect pace. Really grateful to be part of this group of wonderful women.”

Maddy Brodwick
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