1:1 Womb & Shamanic Work

Intuitive guidance & Mentoring

Bryony is available for private womb-centric mentoring and intuitive guidance sessions online. This can take the form of practice exploration in shamanic embodiment, womb yoga and tantra and practical advise. You will emerge with a set of personalised practices and resources for you to drop into between sessions, or to carry with you on your path.

To discover more reach out using the contact form or book a session.

Shamanic Healing

This particular form of healing modality is focused on bringing clients back into a state of wholeness. Using a time-tested and cross-cultural technique, I work in partnership with compassionate spirits to return pure essence to the client, which may have been misplaced due to a stressful event or trauma.

People have reported an increased sense of vitality, being able to rest and sleep more deeply, and feeling excited for life post these sessions.

If you are interested and would like more information, then you can contact me at bryony.darbon@gmail.com or book below.

Womb Deep Dive

Using intuitive and shamanic techniques, we will journey together into your womb, to unearth the wisdom that lies within, restoring your Womb as the source of your creativity, sensuality, power and wisdom in the body. These sessions can be deeply insightful, empowering and offer creative insight to anything from fertility, conception to everyday matters.

To learn more reach out using the contact form below, or book directly a session.

Womb Yoga & Yoni Nidra

These sessions are perfect for women and Womb-keepers at all stages of their lives. Whether you are looking to promote fertility, increase your sexual and creative energy flow, improve your Womb health and connection – these sessions offer a body and soul nourishing experience held in a loving space of rejuvenation. Each session is tailored specifically to your needs of the day, and to leave you feeling revitalized and more at peace in your body.

To book a session or learn more, reach out using the contact form below.

“With Bryony’s beautiful and wise presence and guidance, I went so deeply into my own self, meeting myself in a way I never have before, connecting within in a powerful and illuminating way.”

Candice Kali Snow

“I am so very grateful to have met you and for our sessions together, they have really, really helped me:

–  trust my inner self
– connect and harmonize my mind, soul, and body
– dance, dance, dance 
– understand and appreciate the power of ritual 
– stop operating from a place of fear and instead be willing to meet whatever comes
– balance my yin and yang 
– be present in the every day moments 
– be joyful even in the mundane
– be at peace
– love my children without fear and control 
– feel sexy and in touch with my body again 
– enjoy rather than detest my moon
– sense the personal feminine bond with the universal mother earth and her energy
– love without attachment
– love my creature self 

And many more… but I continue to evolve and learn – thank you for the north star and the direction.”

Meher Mumtaz

Book a Session or Discovery Call

Please put in the description box when you book, what it is you would like to book in for.

Discovery calls are 20 minutes, with most other sessions lasting between 1 hour – 1.5 hours.

Please schedule a shamanic healing with plenty of time to land and integrate afterwards.

Contact Form

Fill out the contact form below if you would like any information on the above services.

Thank you for such crafting and holding such a powerful space. I can’t express how meaningful and potent this journey was for me in the context of healing sexual trauma.”

— Em Swift

Bryony facilitated and held the space in such a wonderful way, that is was safe enough for healing to happen. Although this was only a taster the depth of the work was apparent which could be felt through Bryony’s devotion, passion and love for the work.

— Georgie

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