Womb Mysteries Retreats


Womb Mysteries Retreat: Enchanted Glade

5th – 8th May 2023

Welcome to the Womb Mysteries Retreat, held in the magical Enchanted Glade in Sussex.

Shamanism : Ecstatic Dance : Sacred Sexuality : Wild Nature : Womb Wisdom

You are warmly invited to a rich weekend of shamanic & embodied practice, nourishing intimacy with the body and community as we re-wild eros and delve into the magic of the Womb and pleasure alchemy.

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Womb Mysteries Retreat: Cae Mabon

30th August – 4th September 2023

Welcome to the Womb Mysteries Retreat, held in the magical and famous Cae Mabon eco retreat centre in North Wales.

A Pilgrimage to the Wild and Sacred Heart of your Womb

Womb Mysteries Retreat is a sacred offering to unleash the voice of your Womb, awakening to pleasure, creativity and your wildly authentic expression – free from the constraints of old patterns and stories that keep you from living the life you truly desire.

Over 6 days and 5 nights we will journey through the elemental gateways of the Womb, in a quest to return to your true, raw essence – the source of your creative power, sensual nature and wild pleasure.

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May Retreat

Over 3 nights you will be guided through ecstatic movement, ritual and nature connection awakening your capacity to listen and receive the pulse of aliveness. Remembering relationships of reciprocity with natural lore.

The Call

The Earth needs your Pleasure.

There is a primal longing that lives in each one us, that yearns to feel a deeper sense of connection to some-one or some-thing. That original wound of separation, that often prevents us from fully emerging,  or feeling the deep pleasure in simply being. 

Throughout our lives in our desire to connect, we find ways to distract and move away from what we truly long for – to return to the primal essence of our bodies that knows – union, trust and freedom.

This weekend retreat is an offering to come home to ourselves – body, blood and flesh, so that we find a way back to source through ritual and community, and from that space we can allow ourselves to e-merge once more.

“Deep, clear, internally connective, magical. Bryony is like a powerful conductor of feminine energy and wisdom and a knowledgeable teacher of deep and almost forgotten feminine arts.”


“Thank you Bryony and Taila for a beautifully tender evening of connection to self, sense and each other.”


Practices we will explore over the weekend:

  • The Shamanic Womb Descent
  • Receiving your Earth Song
  • Self Pleasure Healing Modality
  • Eros Embodiment
  • Shamanic Womb Work
  • Somatic Movement
  • ReWilding Eros Ecstatic Dance
  • Wild Crafting
  • Womb Yoga

What to Expect

Shamanic Womb Work

In this work we believe that the Womb has a spirit, a primal voice that speaks an ancient wisdom when we are ready to listen. This is the art of direct revelation, a fundamental principle in shamanic practice whereby we receive knowledge, guidance and medicine from the body.

Self Pleasure

Self Pleasure is a practice of devotion to one’s aliveness where thoughts can drop to emotions, to feelings, to sensations. Connecting with the tools of sound, breath, movement and touch. Sensing that which is there to be witnessed, recalibrating your nervous system with the pulse of Earth, listening and remembering the current of Eros at the core of your being. From here, you come home to a space where you get to be so radically human that you can drink your own medicine, rooted in your unique earthen expression of erotic innocence.

Earth Rituals

Shamanic & Nature-based rituals to ground you into your Body and the Earth, whilst awakening your capacity to listen and receive the pulse of aliveness. Remembering relationships of reciprocity with natural lore.

Movement Alchemy

Through Womb Yoga and Temple Dance we explore practices that nourish both within and without. These elixirs will move stagnant energy, alchemising tension and blocks whilst cultivating a relationship with Earth Eros (Life Force). These somatic, sensory explorations offer tools for us to become more embodied – connecting to the current of life that is moving through and with us.

Yoni Yoga Nidra

A deeply restorative practice that invites you to the liminal space between dreaming and awake, using techniques from Yoga and Shamanic Trance, for healing and deeper connection to self. This practice has been specially designed to revitalise the Womb space, as we greet the body with love and tenderness.

Sharing Circles

We gather for daily sharing circles to create a sacred and held space, forming authentic and deep connections amongst the group. These offer a space to share and reflect on the previous night’s ceremony, and what is being revealed to you through this process.

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